We are, first and foremost, a Christian family.  We strive to follow the leadership example and guidance of our Lord and Savior, Christ Jesus, in all that we do.  That requires a daily relationship with Him which we passionately pursue.  This goal translates over to our work ethic, our business practices, our love for others and each other, and the Code of Ethics with which we handle our animals as we strive to do all that our hands find to do as if for the Lord!  


My husband and I will be celebrating our 30th anniversary in December 2016 and we've been blessed with 4 children; one of which, our daughter, has left the nest and started her own family!  I LOVE being a grandma!!


We live in a great house on 4 acres in SouthEast Arizona.  We are striving to become more self-sufficient; which has turned out to be the biggest learning curve we've yet tackled! hehe  We did have some successes in our garden this year, our salad garden did really well for quite some time, we enjoyed fresh Kale, Swiss Chard, Spinach, Romaine Lettuce, Carrots, and Cherry Tomatoes! We harvested a bumper crop of Jalapeno and Cayenne peppers and our zucchini plants produced well for us also!


It has been our ambition to work with the AWESOME breed of RagaMuffins since 2008 when we received our very first baby, Hosea-a Black & White Tuxedo boy, from SonShine Rag's cattery in Florida.  Kim is retired from breeding now, but from our experience with Hosea, she did VERY good work! =)  A year later, we happily added Charisma-a Natural Mink boy to our family.  He came to us from Keepsake Kats in Phoenix, Arizona.  Sylvia Smart was instrumental in guiding us into successfully setting up our cattery!  About a year after that, we made our breakthrough as we found our sweet Hadassah from Encore Cats in Florida.  She was a gorgeous Natural Mink Tortie & White girl with large AMAZING aqua eyes!  Hosea and Hadassah gave us our first batch of 'Muffins, our Genesis Litter, in May of 2012.  Unfortunately, a few months later, Hadassah managed to swallow some thread and, due to complications, even after emergency surgery and a valiant struggle, passed away in mid-October.  We are heartbroken!  She was precious to ALL of us, and we will miss her, love her and remember her forever!  BlessedHope Cattery is a small family run hobby cattery at the moment.  We consider our cats to be pets first.  I hope you will stick with us as we work toward RagaMuffin purrrfection! =)

2014 has only begun, but it's already been a very exciting year for BlessedHope Cattery!  We have seen 2 very high quality litters born by February and are enjoying 6 sweet little rambunctious 'Muffins romping around the house!  We expect another litter in March.  We will be keeping both babies from the Li'l Angels litter, born February 1, 2014 to proud poppa, Serenity Cats Liam of Keepsake and loving momma, Symphony Cats Tiphara of BlessedHope to be future mommy and daddy cats!  They are not related to Hosea or any of his daughters, so this gives us a seperate bloodline to work with. =)